domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Getting of the city of Churin?

Churín is located at 259 km from the capital city of Lima

Vial Map Lima - Churín (Lima's Government Regional)

There are bus services leaving from Lima and arrive in 6 hours or you can travel in your own car. On the tour you can see beautiful landscapes and many sugar cane crops.

Dania's family in Sayán, on the route to Churín

Alisson, Dania an her brothers in road to Churín


City Churin is located in the state department of Lima, Peru, in the province of Oyon, 210 km north west of Lima. Churín is 2,080 meters above sea level.

Welcome to Churín, the place of your dream

Churin is a beautiful place that we can visit. When I went to Churin I see many plants.


In Churin the climate is very hot. Every day the sun appears and gives us hot. In the night is not so much hot and cold it is lukewarm. It is so beautiful. Like it because here in Lima is not so much hot it is cloudy and sometimes windy but in Churin is so hut you have to use a cap because if you doesn’t use a cap you are going to be sunburn and you doen’t going to sleep good but the climate is beautiful.

Churin's countryside

Typicals food

The food of Churin is very delicious. In Churin you can find Cuy, Pachamanca, Trucha etc. In the morning you can eat a delicious “caldo de gallina” with your “tamal” and also with your coffee with milk or only milk. You can buy some alfajores with the delicacy of Churin.

Dania eating fried trout in Churín with her mom

We can taste the delicious food in the village for example fry throat it’s delicious because is very fresh and delicious but they use another fish. In my opinion is very delicious. I asked to the chef and him say me that the secret is the love.  

Alisson eating fried trout in Churín

What places we can visit?

In this valley there are many natural lakes and these are warm with a good smell to minerals and plants.Their curative properties are asthma, arthritis, allergies, stress, etc.

Dania's family in the plateau thermal complex 

Dania in Iron Baths

The most that surprise of Churin was the hot minerals springs of youth Bathrooms. Youth Bathrooms is a village round of a beautiful landscape and the people very kind. In that place we can find the wonderful shower that is so good for the persons that are asthmatic. The color of the water is green before that we go out very relax, also you can see hotels for the tourist and typical dishes

Alisson and Dania in youth Bathrooms


Churín has different types of accommodation, from comfortable hotels to houses of accommodation

Hostal Amazonas

You have many reasons to visit our amazing city CHURIN

In Churín can find medicinal thermal waters that help you stay health and prevent various diseases.

Dania in the medicinal thermal of iron 

Also,you will find a wonderful Andean landscapes Churín, where you can enjoy a nice climate and knowing the archaeological remains of ancient cultures.